31st October 2017

5 Old TV adverts that will make you wish you were a kid again

By Kat Quinzel In Episodes, Time Machine

Back in the golden age of television we had no option to fast forward or skip adverts. They always popped up in the middle of your favorite TV show.

Some adverts are iconic. Who doesn’t remember the risquè flake adverts, or the fairy washing up liquid jingle!?

So prepare to be transported back in our time machine as we bring you 5 of the best!

Toys R Us

Who doesn’t remember going to Toys R Us as a kid? The shelves always seemed to stretch from ceiling to floor in a never ending kaleidoscope of possibility. Limited only by your parent’s wallet. So, when Toys R Us introduced their advert complete with catchy jingle, it made us all want to visit.

Um Bongo

Another great musical advert. We dare you not to sing along! Quite a few of us remember challenging friends and relatives to sing the entire song without messing up! Feeling nostaglic yet?

Monster Munch

This Monster Munch advert made us think of every 80’s cartoon ever! Something about the calm almost deadpan narrator and the awkward puppets…


Who remembers Acrington Stanley? Exactly!

Clarks Magic Steps

Getting your feet measured for shoes was like a rite of passage when we were young. This advert made girls everywhere believe they could be princesses. If only they had the right shoes…

What adverts make you feel like a kid again?

Share with us in the comments.

5 Old TV adverts that will make you wish you were a kid again
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5 Old TV adverts that will make you wish you were a kid again
Do you remember these classic 80's adverts and their classic jingles? Step inside for a total blast from the past!
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