7th December 2017

How Much Money Can You Make From Vintage Cash Cow?

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We’re often asked how much we pay for certain items, the answer isn’t that straightforward.

We buy thousands of items, from jewellery to cigar cases, medals to toys, watches to – well you get the idea.

The thing is, the items we buy are usually old and vintage. This means they need to be seen, in person, to be properly valued. It’s why we don’t give out prices before we’ve seen your things.

You may have experienced this before. You use an online site to sell something, they tell you how much your item is worth, you send it in, then they change their mind on the price they’re paying you. Usually this comes down to the condition and authenticity of your item.

We never want that to happen to our customers. It’s why we don’t give up front prices and why we offer free returns.

However, we also know it puts people off. Not knowing how much you’ll get is asking you to take a leap of faith, another reason we offer free returns!

So, we’ve worked with our appraisals team to take some photos of typical boxes and here we tell you how much they’re worth.

This box is worth £105 for some vintage items, silver plate and precious metals

You could earn a whopping £320 from the box below, as it contains precious metals

These old watches, coins, medal and costume jewellery pearls fetched their owner £47

Some obsolete banknotes, costume jewellery and old silver plated cutlery came to £61


What will you get for yours?

Try us for free today and find out.

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How much money can you make with Vintage Cash Cow
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How much money can you make with Vintage Cash Cow
Here we'll show you how much money you can make by selling your things to Vintage Cash Cow.
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