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Selling Guides

A collection of antique and vintage watches

Sell old watches for cash

  How to sell vintage watches, antique watches and pocket watches When it comes to selling old, antique and vintage watches there’s a lot you should know. Not all old watches are valuable, and sometimes you find value in the most unexpected of places.   There’s no shortage of places to sell your vintage and antique watches and pocket watches, but how do you know you’ll get the best price?   You’ve likely arrived at this page, because you want to know how to sell your old watches for cash, and you want the best price, but you don’t know where to start.   Allow us to help. Here we’re telling you everything you need to know about selling your vintage and antique watches and pocket watches. You’ll be an expert in no time.   Here's everything...

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A gold cow against a yellow background

How to sell gold

An 11 step guide The modern day gold rush is everywhere you look. Adverts on the TV promise cash for your gold, the shops in town offer cash for your gold, there’s advertising all over the internet - companies promising to give you cash for your gold. So where do you start? And more importantly how do you sell without getting ripped off?   We get asked about gold all the time and we also receive a lot of it. So, our experts have gotten together to create this brilliant gold selling guide for you. This guide contains absolutely everything you ever need to know about selling your gold.   First let me introduce you to our...

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Silver jewellery against a tan background

Selling Silver Jewellery

Where to sell silver jewellery for cash

Selling Silver jewellery can be a bit of a minefield. We’ve all got them. Broken silver chains, odd silver earrings, silver jewellery you bought when it was fashionable but now it isn’t.


Our customers ask us about silver jewellery a-lot. So we worked with our experts to create this guide.


It’s tough to know how to sell them. There’s a lot to consider:


A royal crest

The Royal Guide to Royal memorabilia

Is it worth stocking up on Royal memorabilia now to make money in the future?   As Harry and Meghan prepare to tie the knot, manufacturers all over the world prepare to make and sell commemorative merchandise.   From mugs and tea-towels to limited edition medallions and commemorative coins - there’ll be no shortage of royal trinkets to help you remember and celebrate the royal wedding.   The big question - one we often get asked - is how much is it worth?   Once you’ve bought a royal mug or a plate depicting a seminal royal event, does it become an investment? Something you can sell on later for big bucks? The short answer is not necessarily.     Here let me explain:   What makes something valuable?   The age, rarity and condition of the item has a direct bearing on how...

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