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Behind the Scenes

Old football on a yellow background

Owners of original leather footballs to score £19.66 in World Cup offer

Leeds, UK 26th June 2018Vintage Cash Cow, the first online platform that allows you to sell your vintage items for cash, is offering £19.66 for original vintage leather footballs to celebrate England making it through to the last 16 of the World Cup.


Those who own an original stitched leather football, whatever the condition, should visit and download their free post labels to send along with any other vintage items and claim their winnings.


gold ingots

How do Vintage Cash Cow test gold?

His name is Charman, Antony Charman, and he’s here to test your metal… literally

Antony is an expert, he loves to talk about what he does, and he’s recently made friends with the History Channel team. If that’s not a recipe for intriguing videos, I don’t know what is! Here Antony tells you all about how we test gold at Vintage Cash Cow.


In this video Antony explains how he tests metal with a ‘golden gun’ click play to see Antony strutting his stuff or read on for the transcript.


A cup of spilled coffee beans

Antony spills the beans on his appraisal challenge

If you’ve only just joined us, you may have missed the one where one of our senior vintage experts went up against our metal testing gun. Courtesy of the History Channel.


Well, once the cameras stopped rolling I followed Antony around like some kind of obsessed fan asking question after question. Want the inside scoop? Read on, I’ve got you covered.


Antony Charman with a gold testing gun

What happens when you challenge a vintage expert?

You’re about to find out.

Antony Charman has been a vintage appraiser since before records began. When the History Channel team caught him telling everyone he was better than the ‘golden gun’ (our metal testing gun). They decided to put him to the test.


Luckily they also caught it on camera — think our expert has what it takes to beat the golden gun? Watch the video to find out, or if you don’t like videos, keep scrolling, we’ve explained everything – with pictures!


Josh Mousavi pointing at a sign

The perks of handling your parcels? Our Appraisals Manager reveals all

Joshua Mousavi manages the Appraisal team. He speaks to nearly every customer we get. He’s a cheeky chappy with a super infectious laugh.   In the office he’s known as Bluto - from Popeye - or maybe that’s just me?     Unlike Bluto, Joshua is cheerful, helpful and an all round great guy to work with.   His phone voice is incredibly posh and proper which makes it all the more funny when you see his trainers and jeans poking out from the bottom of his appraisal lab coat.   I interviewed Joshua To find out why our customers love him, and how he treats all your parcels, read on…   So, Bluto… I’m sorry Kat, I just don’t see it. I love Popeye and everything but, there’s a line you know?   That infectious laugh again!   Tell us more about...

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The Vintage Cash Cow customer service team lands the ultimate investor team and first funding round

Vintage Cash Cow based in Leeds have announced today that they’ve secured a seed funding round from a consortium of well known online entrepreneurs.


The investors team includes Laurens Groenendijk Co-founder of and Co-Founder of, Bas Beerens Founder of WeTransfer, Daan Donders Founder of SoWifi and 4 others.