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About Us

Quick Facts

Lives: In Leeds

Loves: Cows and customers

Likes: anything old and vintage

Dislikes: valuable things gathering dust


We work with specialist partners to bring you all the latest techniques and advice for decluttering.


We share our love of vintage stuff and give you the benefit of our vintage expertise.

the Scenes

We give you behind the scenes access to Vintage Cash Cow, meet the experts and find out what we’re up to.

Cash Cow

We all work at Vintage Cash Cow giving everyone an easy way to sell their old stuff.


Boxes received


Happy customers


Coffees consumed


Decluttering secrets scribed

Cows Who Care

The Vintage Cowriosity blog is brought to you on a freshly dusted gold platter, by twenty-odd people. Some might say we’re twenty odd people; eccentric writers, vintage voyagers and history aficionados.

We can’t get enough of weaving storied relics from the past, into the fabric of our future.

But this isn’t about us.

We made this in the knowledge that you sometimes need to sit down with a cuppa, trawl through treasures found on the internet, and in the backs of your cupboards – to fill your mind with the things you want to keep, and get rid of the boxes of clutter you don’t.

By ‘sometimes’, we hope you check back with us every few days. Either way, we want your feedback.

We exist to publish stories which fascinate you – delving into the vault to bring you the best from our vintage atelier. So send us a line, whether you want to tell us a story of your own or have some thoughts to share.

Hearing from you has the highest value:


Meet the Team

Here are our blog writers. Each week they relentlessly put pen to paper – or – er – fingers to keyboards to bring you only the finest and freshest blog posts. By way of introduction, we asked them to share facts about themselves…

Alex Durham


Eats old biology textbooks for breakfast. Swam with whale sharks, never looked back.

Kat Quinzel


Loves lasagne, hates Mondays, has red hair – is totally not Garfield…

Katie Sherdley


Loves Corgis, queen of carbs – Twitter is basically her shopping list.

David Weaver

David Weaver

Fidgets with everything, can’t be trusted with dress-up clothes… will be back in 5 minutes…