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Customers all over the country are making fast and easy money from their Laszlo Biro pens, other pens and many other things with Vintage Cash Cow.

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Have you got Laszlo Biro pens and other pens like our other customers? Here's some of the pieces our customers have been cashing in on recently.

All Styles

We buy all styles of vintage pen. So, if they're gathering dust in your home, exchange them for cash.

Boxed Fountain Pens

Boxed pens will boost your cash offer. what else could you be cashing in on?

Boxed Sets

Any vintage pen sets will boost the cash offer you receive. Sign up today, for free, to get started.

Cartridge Pens

If your old pen takes cartridges we'll buy them. Get started today for free.

Conway Stewart Pens

If you aren't using your old vintage pens, exchange them for cash today. It's free.

Marbelled Parkers

No matter what colour or design your old fountain pen is, we'll buy it, for free.

Presentation Sets

No matter the set, the size or the condition, we'll buy all your vintage pen sets.

St Dupont Pens

St Dupont pens can be exchanged for an instant cash payment, make a start today!

Swan Fountain Pens

A lot of early pens were named after animals. You can sell any of these pens to us for free.

Ubiquitous Parker '61

These were everywhere in the 50's. If yours is gathering dust add it to your box.

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How to cash in on your Laszlo Biro pens and other pens

If you've got Laszlo Biro pens and other pens then it's time to get your free Vintage Cash Cow pack and start selling.

You may even have old and unused gold items, ladies watches, medals, mens watches, pens and silver plated items. We buy all these things and so much more so get your pack now.

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Recent payouts to other people in the UK

Calum D
Carole S
St Albans
Graham W
St Albans
Helen G
Brighton and Hove
Karen S
Mary S
Maureen I
Neville M
Richard T
Susan T

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Trustpilot 5 stars

Old Irish currency

Thanks to the guy in cash cow !! I posted my old Irish currency on Tuesday and got my valuation on the next day and was surprised it was worth so much !! Thanks so much & will be using them again for sure💰💰💰
Brenda Day
Trustpilot 5 stars

Very Satisfied

A very organised arrangement, from posting the parcel to receiving an offer. Kept in touch at every stage, very impressed.
Trustpilot 5 stars


Absolutely first class service. Offer received was very fair and cash received the next day. 100% would recommend to others - in fact, have already done so.
Customer Andrea Dickson
Trustpilot 5 stars


Fast and easy service
Trustpilot 5 stars

Great new service

How refreshing to find an operation which does exactly what it says on the tin! Quick turnaround,got rid of my old stuff and was paid for doing so. Definitely worth a recommendation.
Trustpilot 5 stars

Excellent and friendly service …

Excellent and friendly service throughout and a very straight forward process from start to finish . It cost me nothing to sell unwanted items and it was a great reassurance that if I was not happy with the offer then my items would be returned free of charge . Have already started to recommend this company to my friends and family . Thank you for a very informative, efficient and fast service .

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