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Customers all over the country are making fast and easy money from their pens and many other things with Vintage Cash Cow.

Recent pens we've bought from people just like you

Have you got pens like our other customers? Here's some of the pieces our customers have been cashing in on recently.

70s Fountain Pens

Old fountain pens are notoriously messy. Turn yours in to us for a cash reward

All Styles

We buy all styles of vintage pen. So, if they're gathering dust in your home, exchange them for cash.

Any Condition

We use spare parts to fix old pens, so we're happy to buy any broken pens or their parts. Time to start that clearout!

Blackbird Pens

You can sell us any make of vintage pen in any condition. Get our expert appraisal today.

Boxed Fountain Pens

Boxed pens will boost your cash offer. what else could you be cashing in on?

Boxed Sets

Any vintage pen sets will boost the cash offer you receive. Sign up today, for free, to get started.

Cartridge Pens

If your old pen takes cartridges we'll buy them. Get started today for free.

Conway Stewart Pens

If you aren't using your old vintage pens, exchange them for cash today. It's free.

Early Parkers

Old fountain pens are difficult to fill. Send us yours and get cash to buy a nice biro instead.

Even Stained

From clutter to cash in as little as five days, make a start today. It's free!

Fountain Pens

Even if your fountain pen has a bent nib or a leaky ink sac, we'll still take it off your hands.

Ink Wells

We even buy vintage ink wells. Why not see what else you could add to your parcel.

Marbelled Parkers

No matter what colour or design your old fountain pen is, we'll buy it, for free.

Mont Blanc Pens

Send us your Mont Blanc Pens in any condtion. We accept so many items there's never been a better time to start.

Pen Boxes

We even buy old pen boxes, with or without the pen. See what else you could cash in on.

Presentation Sets

No matter the set, the size or the condition, we'll buy all your vintage pen sets.

Sheaffer Pens

We buy such a huge range of items that there's never been a better time to start. See what else you can cash in on.

St Dupont Pens

St Dupont pens can be exchanged for an instant cash payment, make a start today!

Swan Fountain Pens

A lot of early pens were named after animals. You can sell any of these pens to us for free.

Ubiquitous Parker '61

These were everywhere in the 50's. If yours is gathering dust add it to your box.

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How to cash in on your pens

If you've got pens then it's time to get your free Vintage Cash Cow pack and start selling.

You may even have old and unused gold items, gold plated items, medals, mens watches, pens and silver plated items. We buy all these things and so much more so get your pack now.

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Angela K
Ann H
Denise V
John M
Linda M
Louise T
Lynda E
Shirley E
Trish M
Valerie B

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Trustpilot 5 stars

excellent service from start to finish

I cant thank the staff enough for their help and service. They were very patient and very helpful and once I'd packed everything the service was excellent and very quick. I cant wait for them to start doing bigger pieces then I can clear all that as well. Many thanks Anne - Warrington
Vape queen
Trustpilot 5 stars

Very happy

Lovely people, they keep you upto date from wen parcel arrives and phone you to tell you how much your stuff is worth, if your not happy with the offer they will send it back free of charge, i was very happy with this service and would defo recomend
Trustpilot 5 stars

Excellent service provided efficiently and speedily.

I was pleased with the offer made for my unwanted items. The response and payment were extremely quick.
Trustpilot 5 stars

Easy and hassle free

Saw this company on Facebook and thought it too good to be true so checked independant came up as bona fide and people seemed happy with them. Ordered a pack which came promptly with full instructions on how to gather and package unwanted vintage junk. A couple of things I wasn't sure of so went on their live chat facility to get advice. Posted parcel free of charge and within 24 hours had an offer which I accepted. I was given different ways I could receive the money and it was in my bank very promptly. A really great service !
Trustpilot 5 stars

Easy way to get money for unwanted items

Easy way to get money for unwanted items
Trustpilot 5 stars

Amazing staff

Amazing staff! Helpful friendly and no question is too silly And made some pennies too thank you
Trustpilot 5 stars

Unwanted items

Sent in a few items I got given and had no use for. Was seriously only expecting like £20-30 and got offered £70 really happy with the service and everything the company did.
Trustpilot 5 stars

Absolutely fabulous service

Absolutely fantastic service. I'd had these items Sat in a box for years & finally I found a great way to deal with it. Very quick service, lovely helpful people right from the moment i applied for the pack right to the appraiser who called me the day after i sent the box in, with a value. Delighted with the outcome. Will definitely use them again.

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