The top 9 gold plated items being sold by customers in Chichester

Come and see how much other people in Chichester are making from their gold plated items

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Where to sell gold plated items in Chichester

Customers from Chichester and all over the country are making fast and easy money from their gold plated items and many other things with Vintage Cash Cow.

If you're looking for someone local to take your items to, then you'll find our Chichester trader directory at the bottom of the page useful.

Recent gold plated items we've bought from people in Chichester

Have you got gold plated items like our other customers in Chichester? Here's some of the pieces our Chichester customers have been cashing in on recently.

Gold Plated Bangles

You can sell us any kind of gold bangle in any condition. Send them in for free

Gold Plated Cigarette Cases

These aren't as popular as they were in the 80's. If yours is gathering dust, send it in for a fast, free way to sell.

Gold Plated Cufflinks

Sell your silver cufflinks in any condition. There's never been a better time for a clear out.

Gold Plated Hair Pins

We'll buy gold plated hair pins in any condition. Even if they have missing stones or embellisments.

Gold Plated Lighters

All the rage in the 80's not so much now. If yours is just lying in a drawer somewhere exchange it for cash today.

Gold Plated Powder Compacts

If you have old compacts, with or without the powder, you can exchange them for cash.

Gold Plated Stick Pins

These aren't as fashionable as they once were. Add them to your box with any of the other items we buy.

Gold Plated Teeth

Caps fall out and grilles go out of fashion. Send yours in for an instant cash payment

Gold Plated Tie Pins

We find a lot of our customers have tie pins gathering dust in drawers. Is yours more valuable than you think?

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How to cash in on your gold plated items

If you're in Chichester and you've got gold plated items then it's time to get your free Vintage Cash Cow pack and start selling.

You may even have old and unused gold items, gold plated items, ladies watches, medals, pens and silver plated items. We buy all these things and so much more so get your pack now.

Other popular items people in Chichester are selling

Recent payouts to people in Chichester

Gerald W
Hilary W
Michael A
Paula W
Pauline M
Sally M

Recent payouts to other people in the UK

Ann H
Brenda W
Christina F
Jamesina Carol B
Ray S
Newcastle upon Tyne
Stefanie S

Reviews from people who've used the service

As one of the highest rated companies on TrustPilot, we're proud to show off what our customers have been saying about us.
P Main
Trustpilot 5 stars

Prompt phone call

Prompt phone call. Reasonable offer for items
Trustpilot 5 stars

Excellent Service

Very good service. Was surprised at the speed of the reply I received. Was given an amount for the goods I sent in, accepted and the cheque was in the post the very next day. Excellent service.
Trustpilot 5 stars


I was amazed by the amount of money I received after sending you unwanted jewellery which had been tucked away in a drawer for several years. I had tried in vain to sell some locally and cash Cow was my last resort. Thank you so much. I will be sorting out my coins next. My one regret is that you don't take stamps. I can highly recommend Cash Cow if you want to declutter. Look online for Vintage Cash Cow and send for their pack today.
Amanda Hopson
Trustpilot 5 stars

Highly recommend

Used this service for items I have had in my cupboard for many years, I didn't know where to take them for valuation so thought I would try cash cow. Posted items on the wed, free postage, valuation received on the Wed, excepted offer, money in my account on the Sat. Thank you cash cow.
Trustpilot 5 stars

Very quick and easy process

Packed up my unwanted items using the kit provided and posted them off, within 2 days I had a reasonable offer which I accepted. The cash went into my bank the following day. Excellent service, would recommend.
Ellie Smyth
Trustpilot 5 stars

Brilliant service!

A really fantastic service. From beginning to end I was kept up-to-date with what was happening. Any staff I spoke to were so friendly and helpful. I didn't think the process would be as straight forward.

Here's our directory for antique and vintage shops in Chichester

Barnett V
19 The Hornet, Chichester PO19 7JL
01243 528089
Bing Bang Bong
House, 8HT, 1 Bosham Ln, Bosham, Chichester PO18 8HP
07787 418906
Heritage Antiques
84 St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7NL
01243 783796
Mangan Antiques
The Trade Warehouse, Saltham lane, Runcton, Chichester PO20 1PU
07947 108823
Peter Hancock Antiques
40-41 West St, Chichester PO19 1RP
01243 786173
Squirrel Antiques
44 The Hornet, Chichester PO19 7JG
01243 790904