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An easy way to sell your gold plated lighters and other gold plated items items

Have you been wondering where to sell your gold plated lighters, other gold plated items? We've made it easier for you to start selling your gold plated lighters with our fast and free service.

Here's some recent gold plated items we've bought from people.

Whether it's gold plated lighters or any other gold plated items items, don't wait around any longer. We make you an offer and if you decide to accept it, we pay you the same day.

Gold plated chain

Gold Plated Chains

Sell your gold plated chains, even if they're tarnished, tangled or broken. Exchange them for cash it's free and easy.
Gold plated cigarette case

Gold Plated Cigarette Cases

These aren't as popular as they were in the 80's. If yours is gathering dust, send it in for a fast, free way to sell.
Gold plated cross

Gold Plated Crosses

Sell us any type of jewellery. Try our free secure courier service today.
Gold plated hat pin

Gold Plated Hat Pins

If you aren't the hat wearing sort, exchange your hat pins for cash. Get started for free.
Gold plated jewellery

Gold Plated Jewellery

We buy gold plated jewellery, even if it's broken or tangled. Add it to your box to get a boosted cash offer.
Gold plated jewellery

Gold Plated Jewellery

We'll buy your old gold plated jewellery even if it's worn or tangled. Get started today to see what else you could send.
Gold plated lighter

Gold Plated Lighters

All the rage in the 80's not so much now. If yours is just lying in a drawer somewhere exchange it for cash today.
Gold plated stick pin

Gold Plated Stick Pins

These aren't as fashionable as they once were. Add them to your box with any of the other items we buy.
Gold plated tie pins

Gold Plated Tie Pins

We find a lot of our customers have tie pins gathering dust in drawers. Is yours more valuable than you think?
Gold plated watches

Gold Plated Watches

From watches to pocket watches, solid or plated, working or not, we'll buy any gold watch you have. For free!

How to cash in on your gold plated lighters and other gold plated items

If you've got new or second hand gold plated lighters and other gold plated items then it's time to get your free Vintage Cash Cow pack and start selling.

You may even have old and unused gold items, gold plated items, ladies watches, mens watches, pens and silver items. We buy all these things and so much more so get your pack now.

Other popular items people are selling

Gold Items

Gold Plated Items

Ladies Watches

Mens Watches


Silver Items

Recent payouts to other people in the UK

Angela R Ripon £511
Anthony S Plymouth £102
Denise A Norwich £321
Felicity H Preston £70
Fiona M Bristol £85
George B Derby £85
Jacqueline R Truro £72
Margaret H Wolverhampton £155
Maria C P Peterborough £60
Sharon T Brighton and Hove £67

Reviews from people who've used the service

As one of the highest rated companies on TrustPilot, we're proud to show off what our customers have been saying about us.

yvonne barnett
so simple clear fast efficient and friendly
Saw the add sent off for labels. Genuinely helpful call from cash cow to see if I needed any guidance. Got the pack which gives clear simple instructions. Got a box packed items stuck on prepaid labels took to post office next day I had the money. Seriously it was that easy! I'm going to tell all my friends.
Easy money
All that rubbish lying around,sell it.Don't know if I got a good deal or not but I was happy with the offer,and very speedy.
What a great new system to sell your old stuff
After clearing out my mothers trinket box, i found an old bracelet and a couple of broken rings which had been cut or snapped. I decided to try this site and i couldn't believe that i received £72 for those few bits and am certainly scouring for more.
Brilliant experience
Brilliant experience I cannot speak more highly of such an amazingly efficient and honest company. From receiving my first pack with all the pre-paid postage stickers and sealable bags for smaller items, it was an absolute breeze. Just pack it up take it to the post office and pay nothing. I received regular e-mails and text messages advising me when my parcels have been delivered and promising a valuation within 48 hours of receipt. Well within less than 24 hours I received a very polite phone call from one of the assessors who was very honest, and in fact advised me that maybe a couple of items I could possibly get more for if I took them to an auction or a private sale. I was also asked if I was happy to part with everything or was there something with sentimental value that I would like back. They offered me their quotation which I found acceptable and even asked me which method of payment I would prefer. Once agreed I received an e-mail informing me that the payment was all authorised and I should receive within a couple of days. I received the money 2 days later. The whole experience was easy, stress free and would highly recommend them to anyone who has items that they no longer want to keep but are not sure what to do with them I would also mention that the brochure they enclose is very informative and easy to understand the items they are looking for and can accept. I wouldn't hesitate about using Vintage Cash Cow again.
Sandra Metcalfe
Cash Cow Care
Speedy service, customer focused friendly team. Joshua rang the same day as my parcel arrived with an offer which I accepted, choice of payment to my account or by cheque.
Mrs Pitchford
excellent service the hole process only took 5 days. Very friendly staff and good communication with text messages.

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